2010. június 2., szerda

Usefull stuff

If you have multiple working environments and machines and you have files that you gather and put it on an ftp server or a usb stick or things like that... Then here is a solution for you:

If you know dropbox then still here is a small tip for you...

You can synchronize your work environment not inly by sharing files... You can share settings too!!!

So if you for example make your eclipse save your profile into a dropbox folder, then when you get home and turn on your home computer, your eclipse will open up where you left it at your work.

Or firefox profile settings into a dropbox and when you get home and open your firefox it will open the same pages that you left open at work.

This is a very effective and very cool way to use dropbox.

Just don't forget to close all the porn pages you left open at home ;))

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