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I'm reading a bunch of blogs in a day. I'm reading actually quite a few or at least i follow them on daily basis.

After a while i noticed two things.

First: They begin to mimic each other. They are mostly blogs about testing, but they also are trying hard to write about every day knowledge like psychology and human behavior.

Second: They are trying hard to be productive. To update lots of times to always write something new. But... I'm following these people for quit some time now. And i'm reading lots of magazine. I'm reading review and stuff like that. And to be honest i see LOTS of repetition. I see LOTS of redundancy.

They talk about the same thing over and over again, by using other concepts and other wordings. But when you are good enough in your territory and you begin to see things and know stuff you begin to realize that all the posts that you are reading are somehow either connected or that you already read about it somewhere.

There are quite a few posts about basic knowledge for testers. Quite a few posts about human behavior. Posts about heuristics post about psychology. Post about life style about testing environments. Posts about conferences posts about knowledge,what to know, what to do, how to handle situations, what to do when you are in a certain position, how testing evolves, how people evolve, how managers see us, how community sees us...

Although i Do thing these posts are really good and i learned LOTS of things from these people, i do think that they are beginning to repeat them self to much.

As an automation tester i always find something new for myself. Selenium migrating with webdriver, javascript evolving, java evolving, technology moving on..

But testing? People will always be people. Testing came a HUGE way along the road in the past 6 years of me being a tester. But if nothing remarkable new happens with people or with workplaces then i do think that people will always be people. And testers will always be testers.

Don't get me wrong.. I DO think that EVERY tester should follow these people and read there teachings because that made me what i am today.

So go on... Follow: James Bach, Jon Bach, Cam Kaner, Michale Heusser, Ajay Balamurugadas, Brian Heys, David Alfaro, Ben Simo ( Quality Frog ), Jeff Fry, Cedric Otaku, Coding QA podcasts, Adam Goucher ( Who apparently wrote a similar post to mine... I rest my case :D ), http://www.testingreflections.com/, Gojko Adzic, TestSideStory (http://testsidestory.wordpress.com/), UnimaginedTesting (http://www.unimaginedtesting.ca/blog/) Guarang Shah, Marlena Compton and lots of other people. ( Sorry if i have left somebody out. )

Take care,

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