2010. március 25., csütörtök

New things

I want to talk to you about new things today.

New job, new offers, new project, everything that you don't know yet, but need to learn because you life demands it.

It is perhaps a promotion it is perhaps a new job of some sorts it could be anything. I have a simple advice for you about that. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!! Never be a afraid. New things in life are GREAT! New thing mean you can learn something new! You can learn everything you want if you sit down and give it time. To learn something new is always a good thing. If you face a new challenge don't be afraid of it! Laugh in its ugly mount and say: "I'm not afraid of you! I challenge you to fight my intelligence. To fight my courage! To fight my thirst for knowledge and information!" And if you fail? So what! You LEARN from failure too! But for that you have to FACE the new thing. You have to embrace it. James Bach wrote in it book "Buccaneer Scholars" that he learns from failures as of successes. I love that thought. Bad luck in your life just got served. A job offer didn't work out? So what... Learn what your problems were. Learn why they didn't want you. Learn and adapt. Identify you gaps and fill them. It's just information. It's just knowledge. Don't be afraid of knowledge! EMBRACE KNOWLEDGE!! LOVE KNOWLEDGE! It helps you. It respects you it loves you too! It will always be there for you if you need it!

I have a notebook by me at all times. Even when i go to the toilet. You know why? Because the best ideas comes when you are sitting on a toilet. I write down everything. I can remember all that shit i'm thinking about come on?! So i write it down. There is no shame in that! There is no shame if you can't remember 1234525442 digits of pi. Write it down if that is important for you. BUT! WRITE! And later on you can skim through your book and see what ideas you had during a day. That helps to identify what your brain thinks when it's on stand by. Do you why the best ideas come when you are sitting on a toilet? Because you are relaxed. It is quite and you are bored. You need to pass time and at some point your brain because to think of its own. It thinks a lot if you care to listen to it. Don't be afraid of you brain. It will tell you stuff you never imagined you know. Write it down. You will get a cramp in your arm from the stuff your brain produces when you start listening...

So... I encourage you to embrace your brain. Embrace change. Embrace Knowledge. Embrace new things and your life! DON'T BE AFRAID! Love it... And it WILL Love you back.

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