2010. március 23., kedd

Failing after Failing

Have you noticed that many blogs and audio streams and things like that about testing die off after a while? They think that everything that you can talk about testing is talked about somewhere else and that there are only concepts about testing that apply to testing only. And that when you described every possible testing Technic and method, you don't have anything else to say about testing?

This is so wrong. It's wrong because:

1. Testing is NOT ONLY ABOUT Methods

I'll tell you something. For a very long time i was a tester WITHOUT knowing why i am a tester and what methodologies there are and what kind of testing i'm doing right now. And i tell you something else too... I did pretty damn well. Why? Because i was Passionate because i was excited because i liked what i did because i was enthusiastic about it. Because i knew technology because i understood how the system worked and i could take it apart without knowing that i did regression test or boundary analysis or what ever.

2. Testing comes with experience

A good tester will learn whatever there is to learn that is requested from him. If he has to be a network expert so be it. If he needs to be a professional performance tester so be it. I will be a friggin performance tester in 2 weeks. Why? Because i can.

3. Tools...

A testers best arsenal is his brain and the internet. There are PLENTY of tools for EVERYTHING now days. If you know what to look for you can asses riches beyond any imagination. And if you are good enough then you WRITE your own tool. That's possible too. Imagine that... I hated perl i feared it because i didn't know anything about it. One day a project came to my door which required perl knowledge. The pay was very good so yeah... i got into it. And before i knew i learned perl and i wrote a database mock in a week with xml handling, streaming, interface compatibility and dynamic file creation. I never thought i would be able to do that in perl. I was weak back then. I did not trust myself. But...

4. Confidence

It's all it takes... Self belief that you can do it. It does not matter what you know it's what you CAN know. And you CAN know EVERYTHING!!

So to all does blogs and audio blogs that failed and are discontinued... Same on you for not be able to come up with more stuff. I could write a book about testing and not even mentioning one friggin method ever! I'm not saying that they are not important and the usage of them can bring you forward. I'm just saying that you don't have to rely on them so much. You have a brain you know.. Use it! So suit up, and follow if you would like to learn my way of taking on the world of testing.


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