2010. november 4., csütörtök

Iphone iOS Summer Time bug

Hi folks..

So there is a new bug that rose its head on the iOS after the automatic clock change durring summer hours.

The bug is that the alarm clock still activates at current hour + 1.

I wonder if the head a test for it, or how would they test an automatically triggered feature.

Easy... Set a setting in the db. There sure is a setting that says now is the day time change please set your clock forward or backward.

After the clock is reset i would go over all the application that USE time to determine something.

And ofc i would say the ALARM CLOCK is pretty damn sure to be one of them!!

I wonder if they did think about this or the managment again forgot to make this a priority because they ahd to deliver.

You see i love Blizzard. They always negleted relese dates. They said.. it's done when it's done. And i do prefer that because when they are done they deliver a mostly bug free software. They don't care when it's delivered until they are satified with the product at hand.

I don't mind waiting a couple more months if things like these got fixed in the mean time.

They are just anoying and a either mean that they don't really care or that they have a bad qa team. Which will it be?


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