2010. május 9., vasárnap

No coding required.


Today i want to write about automation frameworks who try to sell them selfs by saying: "No coding required."

I don't like frameworks like these and i tell you why. Because it's bullshit. And it is dangerous too. Because it gives illusions. It gives false hope to managers it gives you an extra amount of work and extra amount of stress because of illusions.

Basically when there is a framework that tells you that there is no coding required it often means that it can generate code. This is great all in all, but.. It does not mean that it does not require code, because, let's face it. You REQUIRE a robust, working, expendable framework which will work for another one or two or twenty years. And you can have that without coding.

You require coding IF:

  • You want an environment with which it is easy to work
  • You want an environment which can be easily expanded
  • You want an environment which wont fail if you add another test or 200.
  • You want an environment which is portable
  • You want an environment which is configurable
  • You want an environment which can run on every kind of browser and op system
  • etc.
So you don't get to work around coding. You don't get to skip that part. And why is it dangerous? Because your managers will be impressed and passioned about it and you got to suck it up. Because you won't be able to explain them why it is a lie or at least a partial truth.

What i would like to see is adds that say:
- We can generate code
- We can create a partial framework that needs revising
- We can create a framework skeleton

And so on and so fort. So be very careful what you show to your managers and operatives because they tend to believe in adds.


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