2010. április 8., csütörtök

Google groups for Testing

I was browsing for some good groups on software testing under google groups...

I found many and began to go through them to find a fitting one.

I went over a dozen or so, or even more and all i could see were:
"Need X"
"Need Y"
"Need Z".

Okey don't get me wrong, it's very good that we are wanted and good people are wanted. But for Christs sake create your own damn group and don't spam a group which tries to talk about something. It messes it up. I don't want to read these letters. And what do you know.. These groups are all dead. No one writes something because no one reads them anymore because they are pissed about all the spam they are getting.

So if anybody knows a good google group about testing which is not spammed with job offers... Please tell me!


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  1. Okey maybe this one is good: